A Homeowner’s Guide to Surge Suppression – computer ups battery

Most humans apperceive that billow abolishment protects acute electronics, but they would attempt to explain why it’s necessary. The accepted in a ability filigree by itself fluctuates a little, but huge spikes can be acquired by lightning strikes. The chip in computers and added cyberbanking accessories aren’t congenital to handle acutely top voltages, and abounding of these articles can be damaged by beneath than a additional of acutely top voltage.

The Whole House Needs Protection

You’ll charge a lot added than a ability band to break this problem. If you acquirement an old home, it’s important to accept an accomplished electrician audit the wiring. Older homes are added acceptable to accept bare billow suppression, and alarming voltage can appear through around any wire, even blast lines. After a lightning bang or addition fasten in the electrical grid, a careful arrangement can alter balance voltage anon to the arena line. This affectionate of arrangement is hard-wired into the house’s account panel. Separate boxes can be installed for the buzz and cable lines. In the era afore cordless phones, captivation the receiver during an electrical storm could be dangerous. Now, the bigger affair is big-ticket accessories like televisions and ball systems that ability bung anon into a cable line.

Not All Ability Strips Are Equal

Many of the cheapest ability strips action little or no aegis adjoin voltage spikes. They action about as addendum cords that accommodate assorted outlets. Attentive consumers can acquisition strips that do action billow suppression, and some articles even cover jacks for buzz and cable lines. As abundant as 15 percent of the exceptionable voltage can get accomplished the systems advised for absolute homes, so it is important to still use aegis on analytical outlets abreast computers and ball centers.

Outages Aswell Could cause Damage

Early users of claimed computers were frequently warned of the accident acquired by break shutting down their desktops. Modern accessories are advised to be added airy if it comes to harder shutdowns, but a accident of ability can still beggarly that plan and added advice is lost. An uninterruptible ability accumulation (or UPS) is frequently recommended for computers, abnormally if you use a desktop PC for work. The array congenital into the accessory allows you to abide alive during a abbreviate outage. Added importantly, it gives you an befalling to save progress. Most UPS articles will use aural warnings or aflame lights to acquaint if the array accumulation of ability is low, acceptance the user to appropriately and cautiously shut down the system. It is a acceptable abstraction to unplug important accessories during an abeyance because there may be a fasten if the ability returns.

These are just three of the key attempt for managing the chip in a home. An accomplished and accountant electrician can accommodate far added advice about specific recommendations for your home. Some bounded grids are added reliable than others, but even a individual abeyance or fasten can could cause cogent damage. Shorted electronics can aswell advance to electrical fires that endanger the absolute property. As a homeowner, it’s consistently best to yield reasonable precautions.

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Technology Enhances Wine, Spirits and Beer Labels

What’s the purpose of a wine label; or for that amount a characterization on booze and beer? Obviously, the aboriginal acknowledgment to that catechism is: to amuse the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) regulations. Once that is accomplished, the characterization amplitude actual may be acclimated for branding and business copy. The actuality is, there is actual little amplitude on canteen labels to get artistic with messages. Now technology is allowance break the bound amplitude on labels by way of RFID (radio abundance identification/ID) technology. Tap a smartphone on a NFC (Near Field Communications) tag anchored on a canteen and see what comes up on your smartphone; bold there is currently a tag on the label.

Depending on a winery’s account and the amount of smartphones enabled with RFID tag readers (newer smartphones accept congenital clairvoyant capability), wine, beer and booze producers can acquaint anon with the chump while they are continuing in foreground of the canteen or can. These cyberbanking tags can admit advice in any format. The advice can be audio, a bulletin or automatically aperture a website page; the best is up to the winery or ability cooler company. The a lot of economical tag advantage is to use NFC tags anchored in a characterization or a actual attenuate adjustable blur adhered to a bottle.

This NFC technology has altered names such as Acute Labels, Tags, and OpenSense Tags; the moniker I use is “Tap Tags”. Acute Labels (originated in the chump articles industry) are starting to arise on food, claimed affliction and pharma items. Although acutely limited, spirits, beer and wine are contempo joiners. In fact, companies appliance acute characterization tags are not just the big players in the aliment and claimed affliction amplitude but are aswell acclimated by baby start-ups. Basically, tags are a agency for producers of articles to accord the chump added advice than is attainable to book on a label. But, the allowances of such tags aren’t just in dispensing added information, it is aswell about branding, loyalty, added sales, etc.

QR codes accept been about for decades. They can do some of the operations a NFC tag can accomplish but are limited. Added on QR cipher adjoin NFC follows.

Twenty years ago, I was circuitous with a admirer who is an able integrator of RFID (radio abundance identification/ID) tag technologies for casinos. His patented technology is acclimated today in accepting casinos to accredit and clue their gaming chips aural a casino. Ken Smith, autograph for Blackjackinfo.com on November 5, 2012 appear that Wynn/Encore Casino’s in Las Vegas starting appliance chips anchored with RFID tags in 2005. Point being: the akin of composure offered by “tag” technologies acquiesce companies to acquaint with consumers, even afore they buy the product.

Decades ago barcodes started accepting companies the agency to clue inventory, adviser locations and acclimatize appraisement instantly. Then RFID tags came forth which broadcast the capabilities of artefact ecology irenic and actively; account and autograph advice to a RFID tag. Depending on the capabilities of an RFID tag, advice can not alone be apprehend from a tag, but that tag can aswell be accounting to; abacus more/different/updated advice on the tag. We don’t wish to overlook the QR (Quick Acknowledgment Code) that a lot of acute phones can apprehend optically and accommodate an on-screen acknowledgment via a hotlink to a landing page. The QR code, invented in 1994 has a agnate appliance as the barcode. Smartphones today appear with QR account capabilities and added afresh antenna to acquaint with NFC tags.

A acquired of RFID technology that is accepting accepting rapidly is the NFC tag. A able backer of NFC technology is advancing from Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Aliment Business Institute-the SmartLabel™ group. They formed an accord alleged Trade Partners Accord to analyze means to be cellophane with quick, reliable, actionable, all-embracing artefact advice for the consumer. One of their applications involves NFC tags which takes the consumer, via their smartphone, to a abyssal landing page. All the chump is adapted to do is tap their smartphone on the NFC tag on the artefact packaging.

Noted previously, a lot of artefact packaging has bound amplitude for details. The absolute acreage attainable on a printed wine characterization may not be abundant to accommodate a deluge of advice options assorted consumers are absorbed in and/or need. Solution: why not accomplish it attainable for a chump to tap their smartphone adjoin a “tap tag” on a artefact and instantly be taken to a URL/website/landing page that allows the ambassador to acquaint (in print, video or audio) with a abeyant chump apropos the product. An aphorism I apprehend a lot: You can do annihilation with abundant time and money. Aforementioned aphorism applies to NFC technology. For our altercation I am demography the quickest and a lot of creatively adjustable access to new characterization technologies; the NFC tag, while not absolutely apathy QR codes.

This brings us to the “here and now” apropos new technologies that acquiesce producers of wine, booze and beer to acquaint anon with their customer. I am talking about NFC (Near Field Communications), a technology appliance already accepting explored by Diageo, Coronado Brewing, and a winemaker in Spain (Barbadillo Wines). In December 2017 Astral Tequila will affection NFC technologies to advance in-store chump interactions. It has been appear by one integrator/manufacturer of NFC applications, an booze artefact aggregation accomplished a 30% access in about-face ante if testing their attack into NFC characterization tags. Yes, NFC is allotment of abounding characterization options that can be actual cellophane to the consumer.

A NFC blazon acute characterization is in actuality a RFID tag that is about as attenuate as 3 bedding of printer cardboard or.0002 inches. If labels, with anchored NFC tags, are broke by a NFC enabled smartphone, the buzz receives pre-programmed information. For example, the user may be directed to a agreed site. The website/landing page the chump is directed to can be advised as a winery, brewer or distillery deems appropriate. The advice in the NFC tag can be about 7K in size. Again, beyond and added able RFID tags can action greater capabilities and abundant added capabilities, but at added amount and circuitous integration.

One architect of this technology that approved the NFC options for me was Metal Craft. “The options for NFC to acquaint with barter in the cooler industry is apperception boggling,” said Austin Elling, Business Manager-Metal Craft. “Here are some examples of what can be programmed into one of our NFC tags: vCard to acceptation abstracts into the abode book, URL to attainable a accustomed web address, apparent argument to affectation simple letters on a smartphone, blast numbers to admit a call, geo breadth to attainable a specific destination,” says Elling. “For alcoholic cooler business, my acquaintance says that branding and creating absolute communications with a chump is in the NFC sweet-spot. A winery may adjudge to use NFC capabilities for a adherence program, announcements, promotional trials, antecedent trials, wine clubs, etc.”

Digressing for a moment. Recently, Anheuser-Busch launched a new Tequila flavored beer branded as Oculto Beer. The characterization on the beer was anchored with a tag and array that lit up the eyes on the skull logo on the label. They positioned the about-face breadth a lot of humans would gab the bottle. Obviously, it was artistic and actual expensive. Unfortunately, consumers bought the beer for the change of the characterization technology; consumers did not like the Tequila acidity and it failed.

Relatively inexpensive, NFC tags can alone be apprehend at acutely abutting range, which is why the characterization breadth absolute the tag needs to be broke with the enabled smartphone. Some added big-ticket and able RFID tags can accept a read/write ambit of about 200 feet. However, at about $0.10 each, NFC tags are affordable. The amount about does not cover start-up costs and affiliation with the back-end landing page. Nathan Chandler autograph in “How Stuff Works” reports, “Memory accommodation and acceleration behest tag cost, which is a analytical appliance for companies that wish to advance advice far and advanced through acute posters or flyers… labels. Right now, tags amount about 30 cents apiece even in bulk, but the amount should abide to bead until they’re alone a few pennies anniversary [source: NFC Rumors].”

Why would a winery, ability brewery or ability booze aggregation advance in a new characterization endeavor? Here are some actual business applications that appear to mind:

· Protect the candor of their brands

· Body a absolute adherence affairs and cast awareness

· Antecedent for consumers to access artefact reviews

· Detailed artefact information-tasting notes, retail locations, AVA’s, advice about winemaker, DtC (Direct to Consumer) pricing

· E-commerce axial efforts

· Chump surveys

· Encourage wine club and newsletter sign-ups

Coronado Brewing in Coronado, CA begin consumers were absorbed with their use of NFC technology (tap tags) anchored in their coasters; “consumers were befitting the coasters to appearance friends,” appear Coronado Brewing’s Business Dept. columnist release. Coasters are a different use of NFC tags, because the ability beer industry is all about architecture cast trials, accession the beer as accepting handcrafted and artisanal, and answer quality. The coaster appliance absolutely accomplished the greater objectives. Coronado Brewing apperceive they accept to be real, accessible, authentic, and aback it up by carrying the bulletin with and acquaintance of accepting new. Once a cast wins loyalty, the cast wins, states the company’s business material.

Coronado Brewing activated the NFC tag abstraction with ThinFilm of San Jose, CA and concluded: “A cast can do the afterward after the arrest of seek engines or amusing media platforms: Acquaint anon with the consumer; accommodate a different agenda experience; and, abruptness and contentment barter on their terms,” commented Bill Cummings, Senior Vice President-ThinFilms Electronics ASA.

Barbadillo Wines, appliance ThinFilm NFC tags answer a challenge for consumers on their website anatomy NFC generated visits, by appliance a alternation of abnormally generated access numbers printed on anniversary cork. Basically, they were announcement wine sales at the retail akin and at home if the wine was opened. “With SpeedTap (ThinFilm cast name) tags applied, consumers are able to collaborate instantly with articles and the cast by borer the artefact tag with their smartphones (no app required). The tap launches the brand’s customized landing page video or added agenda asset on the smartphone,” said Cummings. “The ThinFilm appliance was not on the label, although it could accept been, but rather on a aqueduct collar.”

Immediate allowances of the ThinFilm accomplishment was a 10-fold access in cartage adjoin amusing media and a 2.8x access in boilerplate time spent on the site. Further, Barbadillo awash decidedly added wine.

In the booze accompanying artefact business, the TTB dictates the claim of wine labels and it is a rather circuitous approval action to get a characterization advised that meets TTB requirements. That actuality notwithstanding, there is important information, to me, not currently on a wine characterization that I would appreciate, abnormally if I attending for a new wine.

From a nice-to-know angle point there are added $.25 of advice I would acquisition absorbing that would apparently advance me to become a cast loyalist. Searching at a 3.5-inch bore bottle, it artlessly doesn’t accommodate itself to a abundant accord of archetype about the product; baby book doesn’t plan for me because I consistently overlook to abrasion glasses. NFC could appear to my accomplishment if searching for added advice about a wine.

Here is a abeyant book to allegorize my point.

Assume you airing into your admired wine abundance to attending for a nice wine as a hostess allowance and you are absorbed in accepting added advice about the wine than is on the label; such advice as appropriate aliment pairings, advice about the winemaker, accomplished wine awards, how big is the winery, comments about the wine from added consumers. This is important advice you ability like afore you buy the wine. Maybe it isn’t advice that is life-saving, but it absolutely would be nice-to-know. Further, I would apparently become a loyal chump and maybe accompany their wine club.

Today what are my options to get accessory information? I accept continued abstruse that ample abatement retailers are not a reliable antecedent of information. Maybe you appear home and do some analysis on-line. But there is an simple way to get added information. The easiest, and a lot of economical would be the NFC tag on the bottle; the characterization or a stick-on tag would acquiesce the chump to tap their smartphone on the bottle. Once the chump curtains the NFC tag their smartphone would cull up a website breadth all accessory advice about the wine would be attainable instantly. The advice architecture can be anything.

Any winery or chump can calmly agreement with NFC tags. In fact, by traveling to Amazon you can acquisition abounding manufacturers who will advertise 6 NFC tags for $8.00. These are attenuate adjustable tags about 1-inch square, although NFC tags can appear in assorted sizes. Then go to YouTube and apprentice the simple assignment of autograph (programming) to the tag. As a chump you will alpha to admiration why the wine, beer and distillery industry isn’t active to this technology for their new labels.

Before hasty into this technology wineries charge to accept that there are back-end costs associated with award the best addition to amalgam the NFC technology into labels. Then there is the affair ambience up the tag with the advice adapted to be on the tag. Then there is the affair of amalgam the tag, chump and artefact interface.

Thus far we accept explored NFC tags in general, highlighting countless applications for the wine, booze and beer industries and accept mentioned QR codes. It is important to understand, there are similarities amid NFC technologies and the all-over QR code. Any smartphone with a camera and a QR clairvoyant app can retrieve advice from this code. NFC is the newest characterization technology to retrieve advice via programmed coding. Google and Apple use NFC technologies for their transaction systems. A lot of smartphones currently produced are able with NFC tag readers.

To use a QR code, a business decides what they wish the QR cipher to hotlink to and uses a computer affairs to accomplish the image.

Anyone can accomplish a QR cipher for free. I accept generated 2 QR symbols, one for my vCard and addition was addition that was a clear angel and argument about Angel of Wine, LLC. These were almost simple to generate; just ample in an on-line form. After breeding one QR cipher I bare to change an e-mail abode and buzz number. The botheration was that I had already printed a new advertisement and business cards with the now anachronistic QR code. I had to re-order all the promotional material.

After experimenting with NXT’s NFC tag’s, I begin I could re-program the tag with my smartphone; accepted it was alone one tag.

A changeless angel of the cipher accept to be printed on commercial or artefact packaging. AS I begin out, if annihilation changes about the artefact or information, a new QR cipher accept to be generated and printed on new actual and old abstracts accept to be removed from the market. Further, QR codes are apprehend by a smartphone camera and the success of account a cipher can be accidental on ambient lighting, superior of image, colors acclimated and the camera itself. One acceptable affair about QR codes, they can be generated for chargeless and NFC tags crave creating a architecture and encode the tag. In the end NFC tags are added reliable and able than QR codes. For ample aggregate advice both options crave a landing page.

QR codes can yield a chump to specific advice on a website and accommodate changeless information; however, the aegis and accessibility of a QR cipher is not according to that of NFC tags. Further, advice anon retrieved from the QR characterization absolutely depends on the admeasurement of the QR image; the beyond the angel the added information. NFC tags do not charge to be arresting to work.

If customization is traveling to be an affair with bottles of wine, a QR cipher accept to be arresting for scanning and the colors acclimated accept to be aphotic abundant for the smartphone camera to read. Further the chump accept to attainable a QR cipher clairvoyant to browse the image. Conversely, NFC tags action complete abandon of architecture options because the tag can be hidden and not accommodation the candor of the characterization image/branding.

In 2015 Mr. Tony Rosati of Trust Point Innovations wrote about QR cipher and NFC tags. He said, “NFC tags are added big-ticket (on the adjustment of $0.10) than printed QR codes printed on a label. The verdict: QR codes could be replaced with the added acceptable NFC tags; however, there is an added cost. It is reasonable to accept that artefact manufacturers would wish to yield advantage of chump accessibility and security.” Further, “NFC tags are absolutely simple to use – just tap the tag. No appropriate appliance to open, it’s congenital into the smartphone, and NFC tags are abundant added defended than QR codes.”

The absorbed in this commodity is to explain a new technology the booze industry should be exploring as NFC technology is acceptable mainstream; it is a accordant business apparatus accepted by today’s consumers.

Consumers assume to adulation technology if it absolutely can plan for them. That aforementioned anticipation is transferrable to the winery, distillery and brewer. With all the conversations surrounding labels in the wine business, consumers accept to wonder, why not NFC tags-convenient, quick, flexible, arch bend adjustment to deliver advice and body loyalty.

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